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MD5: f2be3824ad97f9cbc6734f22377fc78c
SHA-1: 24a112b5728609ad505c9337b338acaed197cf93
SHA-256: 59ea78cf0af8af0b8d6b15012c80c170fcdaff9632cba29959272ef6eb411bc1
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SHA-1: d8a7f921e4fb4a9d176b26f012ae0dde16790820
SHA-256: 2fd5aff632aa6ad6eb3a186c7b8c72455d302b8c7d8dc0fa0b3f23643f8bac20
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/workflow:^1.1'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: NancyDru
Created on: 25 Feb 2013 at 21:21 UTC
Last updated: 25 Nov 2013 at 22:13 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Lots of bug fixes.
Performance improvements.
Major restructure of admin UI.
Workflow form detached from comment form.
Workflow status and form are fields that can be controlled under "Manage display."

Issue #1783854: Set Workflow Comment with Workflow Rules Set State Action by antojose: Allow setting comment in Rules.
Issue #1891446: Allow grouped filters in Views by interX: Allow grouped filters.
Issue #1922262: With multiple workflows, determination of initial state can fail by NancyDru, hwold: Fix join; misc. improvements.
Issue #1540824: Workflow edit screen has too many elements causing overload by NancyDru: Improve Admin UI; Issue #1908520: Set existing nodes to (creation) by NancyDru: Set state of pre-existing nodes.
Issue #1922422: State names not correct by NancyDru: Correct state name creation in Tokens.
Issue #155547: Workflow tab should call hook_workflow($op = 'transition pre') to allow vetos by NancyDru: Tab form should call hook_workflow().
Issue #1818424: Undefined index: name in system_requirements() (line 39 in /...www/modules/system/system.install) and idem - version - line 41 by NancyDru: Add doc for hook_workflow_operations.
Issue #1918424: workflow.api.php missing hook_workflow_operations() by NancyDru: More complete api doc.
Get rid of temp.patch.
Issue #385038: Workflow sometimes inserting WF History logs or executing state changes twice by flyingkiki, NancyDru: Fix double history; Minor corrections.
Issue #1802216: Workflow scheduling assume "medium" date format will return time by NancyDru: Improve scheduling time form section.
Issue #1418622: Tokens replacement does not respect hook_tokens documentation by NancyDru: Fix tokens during transition.
Issue #1784092: Node Saved Twice When Updated by Rules Action by wamilton: stop double saving nodes.
remove accidental file
Issue #1900488: Tokens should work with both submitted and loaded nodes by NancyDru: load comment in node_load; #1904740] by NancyDru: suppress form at terminal state; Performance improvements.
Issue #1532646: Add workflow state to entity to be available in search_api for facets and fields by wonder95: Add search api module.
Issue #1493012: Current Comment should be available in views by kid_icarus: Better views.
Issue #1900480: Move token integration to by NancyDru for Dave Reid: Move tokens stuff to separate file.
Issue #1418622: Tokens replacement does not respect hook_tokens documentation by Dave Reid: Fix tokens.
Issue #1427006: Workflow rule "Check workflow transition" not working by NancyDru: Fix transition rule;
Issue #1893542: How to not show the workflow transition form in node view page by NancyDru: Transition form] by perms;
Issue #1893724: Workflow information is displayed to all: should be controlled by permission by NancyDru: transition form] by perms;
Issue #1895712: Workflow_tab_form() is funky when only one state possible by NancyDru: Fix form when only one state;
Issue #1896422: Tokens problem in latest dev by NancyDru: Fix token message.
Correct theming in form.
Minor corrections to README
Issue #1856180: Update #7000 failed. by NancyDru: Correct update to not fail.
Issue #1475930: Do not rely on (creation) state name by Bastlynn;
Issue #1874400: Workflow Token Works in Message Body but Not Subject for Emails in Rules by Nancydru;
Issue #1884630: State update conflicts with Comment form by NancyDru;
Issue #1891374: Tokens issues by NancyDru.
Coder finds.
Issue #1550274: Lazy code.. drupal_got instead of drupal_goto in code by dynamicdan, gofs: egregious typo
Adding features include on revert so it's avail during install / enable.
UI improvement in Rules interface when there are more than one Workflows available.
Issue #1471014: Submitting workflow tab form clobbers current revision details by Bastlynn - removing node_save from workflow tab.
Issue #558378: Make workflows exportable with Features (D6) by hefox - Features round 2 cleanup.
Issue #1426844: Trying to get property of non-object in workflow_node_previous_state() by onegenius - Correcting for missing history information errs.
Issue #1424008: Error with workflow and views module by Bastlynn - handling no workflows setup w/ Workflow Views turned on.
Issue #1421518: PDOException: SQLSTATE[23000]: Duplicate entry in {node_access} table: when assigning a workflow to the node by DuaelFr - Workflow access warnings on new nodes
Issue #1468810: scheduler does not handle timezone correctly by firewolf, Morten Najbjerg, sbrege Strict warnings re: render and form
Issue #1469798: When adding a comment on workflow state change, errors are thrown by Bastlynn - errs thrown on rules change when old state = new state.
Issue #1468810: scheduler does not handle timezone correctly Timezones in scheduler
Issue #1426844: Trying to get property of non-object in workflow_node_previous_state() by Bastlynn: Adding catch re: propery of last_history object being empty when node is not a workflow content type.
Issue #1424008: Error with workflow and views module by Bastlynn: Accounting for trying to go to views pg with workflow_views active, but no workflows in system.
Issue #1400352: strict warning appears after creation of first workflow by Bastlynn: Fixing an error appearing udner E_STRICT in admin UI re: creating a default object.
Something got wierd betwen the push/pull for this commit so trying that again.
Issue #1386430: Views workflow filter shows 'unknown' when state has been selected by dylanhuang (patch] by dozymoe) - Views filter shows unknown when state selected in multi-workflow environment.
Issue #1386430: Views workflow filter shows 'unknown' when state has been selected by dylanhuang (patch] by dozymoe) - Views filter shows unknown when state selected in multi-workflow environment.
Correcting for doubled ,, in install schema.
Issue #1405688: Clean up coding standards by wonder95: Path length correction for trigger path
Issue #1405688: Clean up coding standards by hefox: Coder standards
Issue #1924004 by evaldas.uzkuras: Fix bad variable.
Fix typo in api; Add hook_requirements to show that worflows are active.
Issue #1924174 by NancyDru: Fix menu error on state delete.
Issue 1925162 by fgm: Call time reference error.
Issue #1924182 by NancyDru: Correct initial state name in edit form.
Issue #1926746 by shenzhuxi: Fix some php warnings.
Issue #1781308 by NancyDru: Change node form to vertical tab.
Issue #1926556 by NancyDru: Back to transition on node creation.
Issue #1550992 by chadhester: Add Previous Comment Author for Views


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