I have a bunch of different content types in which an authenticated user can create content (photos, videos, events, for sale items) to the site.

In the permissions, I had it set so that only the Administrator can change the comments settings. My hope was that this would make it so that there is no vertical tabs showing to the end user in the form. However, they instead would see this:

(active tab) text showing

I found the issue above related, and applied the css fix in the thread. That gets rid of the "(active tab") text but still showed the comment vertical tab (with nothing in it), even with the "Comment Settings" permissions set to administrator only. Now, still, a user sees this when they view the form:

Only local images are allowed.

I've temporarily set it so that the form viewer has the ability to change the comment settings (to either open or closed), but I'd rather leave them open and not allow the user the ability to modify them. But when I take away the comment setting permission from the user, they see the empty tab as shown in the image. Any ideas what I can do to solve this?