Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

We are a Copenhagen based tech-savvy web agency focusing on Drupal and open source technologies.
Usually doing complex technical development and interaction designs, in a highly agile fashion and in close cooperation with our customers.
Our aim is to be the leading Drupal development team in Denmark. Some might say we already are.

Feel free to contact us any time at or by phone +045 71990555.
But don't call us about outsourcing, we are not interested.

web development, drupal, automated testing, bdd, continuous integration

Drupal contributions

At Reload we try to think contributions into every project and encourage our clients to see the benefits of spinning a feature into a patch or new module.

The has yielded numerous contributions dealing with everything from integration with external services, theming, new functionality, developer utilities and system administration. The modules include:

We also helped organize DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010.

We value employees who care about Drupal and has a long history within the community and a proven track record with regards to contributions.

Our open source work extend beyond Drupal. Take a look on the dedicated section on our website:

Projects supported

Reepay Integration, Language neutral aliases, Apsis mail, L10N Context, Background rotate, ReloadTina!, Variable Enable Access, Anonymous unpublished nope, Statuscake Push Monitoring, TNS Gallup, Facet API Scrolling links, Jira REST Rules, Cache Locale, Vocabulary Queue, Simple background, Media 23Video OAuth, Ultimate Cron Aegir, Torsk, Floating Decimal, Collation Fixer, Nano grade, Redirect on delete, Drake, Situs, Adform, JIRA Issue Collector, Virtual Field, SnapEngage, EMF Webform, Opening hours, Ultimate Cron

Credited on 3 issues fixed in the past 3 months