Hi there,

Just wondering if something has changed recently in the core with relation to _block_render_blocks?

I'm trying to use a module to insert a block into a node, and the replacement patter it uses relies on the function _block_render_blocks. But it returns a balnk array for some reason?

I'm passing in this array;

stdClass Object ( [module] => blocks [delta] => nandos_bites_block-block )

Anyone know what might have changed?

When it's used in the module, it passes in in an array and the output of _block_render_blocks is a blank array...so I'm guessing thatg the array I'm passing in is probably not in the right format?



PS - If I get this sorted, I will actually put a patch out for the module (providing I can work out how)


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Looking at

I'm passing in this array;

stdClass Object ( [module] => blocks [delta] => nandos_bites_block-block )

I only see single object, not an array of blocks (objects). What does your code look like?

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Passing this data in, you're right, it's an object. Any idea if this used to be an array?

$block: stdClass Object
[bid] => 113
[module] => views
[delta] => bites_block-block
[theme] => garland
[status] => 1
[weight] => -12
[region] => content
[custom] => 0
[visibility] => 1
[pages] => our-story
[title] => NB BLock
[cache] => -1

$block_content = _block_render_blocks(array($block));
$build = '';
$build = _block_get_renderable_array($block_content);
$replacement = drupal_render($build);

It's fine when we hit $block, that returns the data above, but when I do;


That fails as it passes an object and not an array. Any idea of a different way to do it? Or should I just cast the object data into an array?

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ThoughtI'd post the answer in case it helps anyone else later...

Nothing has changed in core to cause this...I was outputting the body value rather than the markup in node.tpl.php.