Hi All,

On one of my sites I saw a modules folder within the modules folder (sites\all\modules\modules) that contained what looked as the content of the \modules folder located in the root.

I thought I might have copied it by accident once, so I deleted it (Stupid me :-) ). From that moment on some errors started. I thought, well, if it looks like the modules folder, just copy the modules folder back to that location.

That *looked* like a fix. Until someone tried to add content, and now the error appears:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function field_attach_load() in /home/wesignnl/domains/postzorgen.nl/public_html/includes/entity.inc on line 321

I looked within the entity.inc, but on a short glimp I can't see whats wrong there.

What I did next was moving all my drupal files, and placing back a fresh drupal install. In that install, I just placed the settigns-file back in sites/all. And the same error is there again.

As it seems module-related (module folder I deleted...) I disabled all modules from the database (status=0). No fix.

Anyone a clue what I can do to get things up and running again?




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Please make sure that you execute the update script (postzorgen.nl/update.php) once you've restored your site.

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Ah, I tried that earlier but it seemed to give the same error. Did it now, and my error message changed to:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function user_access() in /home/wesignnl/domains/postzorgen.nl/public_html/includes/menu.inc on line 3861

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You may run a full restore from Drupal directory and database. Than re-run the update script.

If it was working a couple of days ago, your site should be up and running.