wysiwyg_get_css() ignores RTL css when invoking drupal_add_css().

This can be reproduced if you have chose the "Use theme CSS" as the "Editor CSS". And you have a -rtl.css file in your theme, this is when the editor ignores the -rtl.css files.

Patch is attached in comment #1

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Hmm, Locale module switches to the RTL stylesheets based on the current Drupal language, but we don't currently use that elsewhere, so we'd also need to fix #532794: Use current user's language together with this for the rest of the editor to actually reflect being used in RTL mode.

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Well this patch only adds drupal_alter('css') which happend to be used by Locale module to inject -rtl.css styles.
This means that this will allow any other modules implementing hook_css_alter() to reflect their changes to WYSIWYG if it was theme related CSS.

Maybe the title of the issue is a bit specific for Locale's case, but this indeed will help other modules achieve their purpose in WYSIWYG.

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Status: Needs review » Needs work
Parent issue: » #2343445: Stable release of Wysiwyg module, v7.x-2.4 please
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Status: Needs work » Needs review

Can you please be more specific of what makes it "Needs work"?
See #3 for what the patch does.

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I just tried to apply the patch to branch 7.x-2.x and it failed. I think it just needs a re-roll against the latest dev version.

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Please try the patch in #2289683: Select in-editor theme and get all stylesheets. It should get all the stylesheets from the selected theme, including RTL ones if applicable.
Post follow-ups in there.