Hi all,

I do have a very strange situation with my drupal 7.20 install. When I'm editing a page my images are shown perfect but when I publish the page they are gone.

Tried to create a new page but I get the same behaviour. When editing an excisting page which I made earlier no problem, when I copy the code from the excisting page to a new blank page images gone...

Any advice what's going wrong?




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how are the images being added? in a fieldfield? in the body field? using a wysiwyg editor? other?

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By typing straight html code Only local images are allowed. Images are shown when I'm editing the page that makes it really strange IMHO.

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typing straight html code into what?
what text format is enabled on the field (if a field)?
does the text format in use allow the img tag?

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typing img scr = and so on in the CKEditor ..