I'm using drupal 7 with the Views module and everything is going great, except for the ability to add comments to the content. When I go into my View page I find it easier to select the format of fields. This way I can easily apply css rules to each field, its label and organize it however I see fit. The problem is that when I select the fields format it won't show the comments. If I change the format to content the the comments will show up but I have yet been able to determine how to style each field, making that route impossible to use.

Is there any way or module that will allow me to add Comments as a field that I can then place into the view wherever I like? If there is not is there a way to enable the comments to show up when the format is set to fields. If that is still not a possibility, how in the world can I apply my own css rules to each field when it is in the Content format?

I've been banging my head up against a wall for over a day now, tried multiple modules and figured it was time to get some help from the community.

Thank you in advance.


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Have you tried adding it in "relationship" to make it available in views

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I did not, how exactly do you do that. Sorry for the amateur question but I'm new to drupal

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views relationships = http://nodeone.se/sv/node/673