I tried to extend a friend's Drupal site with the agreservation module. It requires multilanguage and internationalization modules. Half way into this implementation we figured out that it would not fit our needs, so I just left it.

Then problems started. When I edit existing content, the edit fields are blank!
Some google searches later points to multilanguage and internat.9 module that makes this happen because of several languages or something.

I tried disabling multilanguage and i9n and all agreservation stuff - and what it did was that ALL CONTENT is gone. That is, it is gone from the list in ADMIN -> CONTENT .... I cannot see any of the content there any more. However for the visitors, the content is displayed.

How can I get it back? Is there some repair node functionality available or something like this???

I have a database backup, but it's from two weeks ago, and I would like to try and solve this problem instead of rolling back.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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uninstall the modules using the install tab and test

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Which of course I have done, and I have ended up here as a result. Uninstalling them has resulted in all content being gone. Enabling them does not help either :\

I am hoping this has to do with node-something and that node-something can be repaired.

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which of course wasn't made clear in your opening post and was why the suggestion was made. You only mentioned disabling them and there is a clear distinction between the two. Though the opening post is long, there are few details to work off of in an effort to debug. I suggest rolling back the database.