ok so i messed with zen and looked at tao

i read a bunch of stuff that says change the .info and .tpl.php file but what files do i change to get my site up and running

i have the html and css files of my site ready (seperate from drupal) but how do i integrate them into these themes/sub themes

i noticed in zen theres like a million css files do i really gotta chop up my css file? and the html wheres that go? btw i noticed in alot of videos people say you gotta "search" and "replace all" of certain phrases and stuff in some of the files. which files do i gotta do that too and how do i know which ones

can someone please sum all this up for me and tell me what goes where and what connects to what

i seen a bunch of videos on theme but most of them either dont explain why certain things are done or just talk alot and still leave you with nothing

i guess what im asking is how do you guys make your own themes whats the process?


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you wouldn't use an already built HTML and CSS with a base theme. You would convert the HTML theme to drupal template engine. However, I don't suggest moving forward with that these days. I suggest using a base theme. Creating a subtheme. Overding drupal's css with your own in a custom.css file. IMO it's far less time intensive to work within drupal rather than working outside of it and forcing it to conform.

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ok so whats the steps... how do you do it?

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I create a subtheme using the docs.
I create a custom.css file and define it in my subtheme.info
I use firebug for for firefox to determine what HTML and CSS is already being used
I override in the custom.css file

zen documentation link on the project page will aid.

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ok thanks i'll try that, hopefully i wont choke again

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if you run into issues, you can follow up with specific questions regarding the issues you run into in new posts.