I have the blog 7.19 module installed and have published my 2nd blog post, the problem I have is that what I view the blog page I'm only seeing snippets of the post and there is no way of viewing the full blog post, I don't want a menu link but I would like the title of the blogs displayed on the blog page and when if you click this then you are taken to the full post.

Am I missing something I thought that would be a standard setup?


Edit, its clear the issue is with blocks, I added recent blog posts to the content block and it displayed correctly although on pages I didnt want it, would I be correct in say I need to create a custom block add the block to a node?


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the snippet is a teaser/summary based on the body field for the blog content type being set up as in the way that it is. ie: long text with summary.

you can configure the current body field in administer -> content types -> blog -> manage fields or if you don't ever want a summary create a new body field, copy and paste the content, delete the old field.

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I'm not sure I understand how you set the blog up. Usually the articles are displayed in the content area, not in a block. Is the title missing completely? Can you link to the website so we can see what is wrong?

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Thanks guys, I've managed to get the content sorted out, could you advise where I can edit the css for the titles of the blog?

Link is www.electrifire.co.uk/blog

In time I will be looking to archive the posts similar to wordpress in the right side bar, if you can offer any advice that would be great

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I'm not sure what you did to display the blog posts on this page, so I don't know why the titles are missing. But I suggest you have a look at the Views module and use it to display the blog page.

These posts might help with the archive block:

For the CSS, the file that is used for most your site's CSS is: sites/all/themes/electricfire/css/style.css
But you can also add a file in sites/all/themes/electricfire/electricfire.info. Something like stylesheets[all][] = css/custom.css Then you can use this file to add your custom CSS.

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the views.module includes a default archive view with a block display.

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Thanks, I'll take a look and maybe watch a tutorial on youtube, feel a little out of my depth with drupal and at the moment regret not going with wordpress, drupal seems to be future proof and has everything you need but I find simple things like this complicated

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if your comment is in reference to the archive its not all that complicated.

install views
enable the archive view
go to administer -> blocks
enable the archive block where you want it

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I think I need to uninstall the blog and start a fresh with it, Im pretty sure views is enabled but would have to check


Views Bulk Operations
Views UI

Are all installed and enabled