created a "font-face-kit" with "font squirrel".

But don't know how to import it into my drupal 7-website.

From my point of view the best sollution is
the answer that tells me how i can put the extra-lines-in-the-headsection
for importing the "font / font-face-kit".

In wich file from the drupal-files, can i write some code that will show up in the headsection from each drupal-webpage.

Thanks for reading (and maybe helping;-)

Oh yeah,
I did search trough google-drupal-forum! Lot of information, two modules where find, watch a lot of instruction movies. But they where all about importing webfonts from fontslists on websites, google fonts,...
And if there was some info about importing you're own fonts, i get lost and could not follow. Creating font.info files was to difficult.

So any hints are welcome.


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Easy. download this module: http://drupal.org/project/fontyourface. It interfaces with fontsquirrel and others, but I highly suggest using local fonts to upload your fonts.

Once you upload your fonts, in the font-your-face menu, either choose elements that you'd like the fonts applied to, or (as I always do), simply select that you'll add it in the theme's CSS. Once you do that, it will be available to you in your CSS.

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Okay, thanks for the quick answer!! :-)

I installed the module, and enabled "font-your-face" and "Local Fonts".

First the the font-your-face menu didn't show up under the appearnce menu.

Then i geussed i had to also enable "font-your-face UI"...

Grr, first had to install module "Views" and "Ctools" ssem to be neede by "font-your-face UI"

But then it looked okay, the menu showed up and i also found the page to upload all the files that where in the map i received from "font squirrel".

First eating now, i let you now if the font will show up. But i looks like my problem is/will be gone.

Thanks a lot EBLUFER !!!! :-) :-)

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You'll want views anyway. As soon as you start working on custom displays of content in Drupal, that's how you do it.

I'm glad that I could help!

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Hello elblufer.

This weekend tried to let the font showing up. But with no result.

Like i said the "@Font-your-face" tab is showing up in the appereance menu.

I can upload the font (4files: tff, woff, eos, svg).

After upload, the font is showing up in the list for "enable fonts".

I can enable the font also.

After that i tried different things to let the font appear, but nothing is happening.

1. I choose for everything(body) under the "CSS selector". But no difference after saving. ( I also watched a instruction movie and there the font is showing up, even in de backend) With me nothing :-(

2. Also tried putting the css selector directly in my layout.css file, but no result.

3. I can say, when after enable the uploaded font, you have the option for editing the font, and there's a preview menu, and there the font is not showing up also (like it should be, assuming the instruction movie)


4. Because the font is not showing up in the preview i tried to add a different font. One time i downloaded a other font from font-squiirel and did the same: upload the four files. Same problem: not showing up in website or preview. The other thing i tried was select a font true backend from the font-squirrel list. But also nothing is showing up.

5. Maybe i do have to add something to the "theme.info file" like in the movie. Because i use the stark-theme. But the info for what i have the add is this:

@font-your-face can be used to load fonts in a Drupal theme. To add fonts to your Drupal theme, simply copy and paste the text below into your theme.info file. Until Drupal themes can declare dependencies on modules, you will also need to inform users of the need to enable @font-your-face.

; Local font 'Test normal normal' can not be included in a theme.info file,
; because it can not be loaded via URL.

Now i'm stuck, an extra hint would be helpfull.

The site i'm working at:


Thanks in advenced...

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If you want it to add it in your theme css, don't select everything (body), select "add selector in theme CSS" Once you do that, if your font is more than one word, make sure to place the font in quotation marks with the same capitalization you used (ex: "Your Font"). Also, if you are using the font also in bold/italics, etc, you need to upload those files separately. So, you'd need to upload the normal set.

You can also try flushing your cache. Maybe that's causing a problem?

I've never had to add anything to the .info file, but it's possible that the module has been changed.

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Hi there,

I stopped looking for inserting local-font didn't show up after two day trail-error-reinstallingDrupalx11times.

I can now easely add a google font. Maybe try later again.

Thanks for the support elblufer.

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You shouldn't have had to reinstall Drupal at all...11x especially is a crazy number. There might be something else wrong with your install or host.