I've been pounding my head against a wall all night and decided to reach out for help. I'm using Bartik theme on Drupal 7 and I am trying to shorten the header area to 165px. When I change the css to do this, the header background goes right up to where I want it but the menu does not follow.

What am I missing here?? Side note I'm also using the Live CSS module and the site is www.cruisinmd.com


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part of the issue is all of the padding set on #logo

as an aside, I hope you are building a subtheme or bartik otherwise updating the theme will be problematic. I'd also suggest that utilizing a theme such as zen would be a better fit since you are overriding so many elements.

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#header {
height: 165px;
margin: 9px 0 0;
line no - 140

Note: Remove padding.