This display does not have a source for contextual filters, so no contextual filter value will be available unless you select 'Provide default'. -> Can sombody explain this ? I want to change my blockview depending on the current page.
It does not seem to work as i think it would and I think it has something to do with the message iet shows.

In depth: The page has a title, the view is shown in a block.
The view already has a relation with a fieldcollection. So if a field in that collection matches the title from the page it should show the corresponding blocks...

Can't find it...for hours



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Blocks do not have a specific URL like a page does. So, the block cannot grab the contextual filter values (arguments) from the URL positions directly. Also, a block can be placed on any page such as a content node or a user page.

So, you can choose to provide a default value such as "Content ID from URL" or "User ID from URL" which will use the current context. It seems that in your case you want to choose "Content ID from URL".

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Thx, thats what i needed !