Hi there,
I've just migrated with D7 installation from the dev server into production one (backup&migrate module used).
After migration I can see all three users (admin, manager and tester). The admin account on prod serv was created during the installation keeping the same details (the DB name, user, pass - the same for both intallations).
Both servers are Debian Apache PHP 5.3 VPSes

Now, on the production server I can see all content and generally the page works, except some administrative issues.
1. I can't log in using 'manager' or 'tester' account.
2. I can't create a new user.
3. I can't delete existing user.
4. I can't setup roles(permissions) -> after update old settings are back.
5. I can't get any email with a new password (forgotten pass)
6. I can't switch off any module (only way is to delete them manually from the server)

so generally it looks like the 'read only' version of admin panel.

Any solution?


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This is no better than a guess, but did you copy settings.php from dev to prod? As this file contains, among other things, the database information, this could cause your production environment to use your development database, which, under the right conditions, I could envision causing several of your symptoms (others I'm not sure about).

Some of the answers to these questions might make it easier to diagnose your problem:

When you try to log in as manager or tester, does it say you have the wrong password or just not work? More generally, does your drupal interface exclude options or not respond to button clicks, or does it appear to process your commands while ultimately accomplishing nothing?

Can you do anything via drupal in your production environment that involves writing to the database? What about your database locations; are they both hosted locally? Are they both hosted remotely? Are you using table prefixes and the same database?

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Hi def-gie,
settings.php is OK as I have exactly the same DB name, login and pass.

answers for you:
1.'When you try to log in as manager or tester' - no error, no session, redirect to login page
2. I can change all settings, all buttons works so the answer is --> 'does it appear to process your commands while ultimately accomplishing nothing'
3. The DB is local - dev and prod are exactly the same (clone)

generally; I can't write to DB (I was trying to change manager's or tester's pass)

one more thing:
the admin was created during the install - manager ad tester were created on dev only

checking mysql privileges:

mysql> SHOW GRANTS FOR user@localhost;
| Grants for user@localhost |
| GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO 'user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD '...' |
| GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `dbname`.* TO 'user'@'localhost' |

UPDATE: It's all about the CleanURL -> when switched off everything works fine