Does anyone else have a complete Image Resizing meltdown after upgrading to 7.20?


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This is not caused by ImageMagick module. Please read the release notes of Drupal 7.20.

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Thank you, I did but I couldn't comprehend them enough to rule out imagemagick.

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Title: 7.20 Breaks it?!? » Incompatible with Drupal 7.21
Version: 7.x-1.0-alpha2 » 7.x-1.0

Doesn't work with Drupal 7.21 either:(

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Sorry for re-opening this as it continues to be an issue and will be a barrier to entry for some.

Please include documentation on how to bypass the security by making a dependance on the module:


Include documentation on the usage of this module and/or the setting of the variable in the settings.php file


Make this module compatible with the new changes in D7.20 and D7.21

Thanks, I hope these actions will help people use this module.

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It´s not my intention to be blunt, but I am going to be anyway:-)

If a contributed module is incompatible with a current Drupal version, should that not be stated on the project page?
Simply stating that users should read the release notes for the Drupal version is - imo - cutting corners very short.

Having that said; how about D7.22?

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And once again... not even an answer... Oh but wait, everybody is so busy with Drupal 8, that Drupal 7 users can just go to..?

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