The API documentation for menu_link_save() could be improved to add the information that it does not play well with path aliases. It is very tricky because when creating a menu link on node creation (programmatically) it accepts aliases, but it does not accept using menu_link_save(). Then, this is a valuable information for developers.

Moreover, the list of elements in the $item array is not complete in the documentation. In order to add a translatable item it must contain 'language' and 'customized' => 1.

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OK... Regarding aliases, the documentation already says:

"The path of the menu item, which should be normalized first by calling drupal_get_normal_path() on it."

And if you look at drupal_get_normal_path(), that is the function that translates an alias to a real path (which is what "normalize" means in this context). So... I believe this is already documented, but maybe the term "normalized" is confusing, and we should make it say:

The real (not aliased) path of the menu item, which should be normalized first by calling drupal_get_normal_path() on it.

Regarding language and customized, those sound like good additions to the documentation.

I guess this doesn't apply to Drupal 8, since it uses a class as the argument and presumably all of this will be taken care of by the class.

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I'll try to fix it!.

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Let me know if it is ok or you see any way to improve it.

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Pretty close, thanks! A couple of things to fix:

+ *   - language: (optional) The language code (e.g. 'en'). If yout want to make
+ *     the item translatable, then it is required to set the language code and
+ *     you must set customized to true.
+ *   - customized: (optional) Boolean that must be true in order to not display 
+ *     the link in any language. 

- First line: "yout" -- oops!
- In docs, when referring to TRUE and FALSE, they should be in ALL CAPS.

So... I am not sure about the documentation of -customized either. The issue report here asserts that you need to set customized to TRUE in order to have a translatable menu item, but I do not know if that is true or not. Where is the code that sets that up, so we can verify? It seems a bit odd, and presumably if your module set up a menu item and didn't set it to be "customized", then it would have put text in for the menu link using t() so that text would be translatable? I just don't know if I believe this necessarily, and it's not obvious from the code in that this would be the case.

And assuming this is correct, I think the wording in the patch for 'customized' is confusing...

Anyway, we need more information before we can proceed with this. Sorry for not noticing that earlier!

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I've fixed the things you pointed out, but I'm sorry I can't help with the "customized" issue. I don't have enough knowledge about Drupal core to know that. Just let me know if i can help you with that.

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Yeah, I don't know either. Maybe the original reporter of this issue can explain why?