I have a table "feeds_data_organic_groups_blog_importer" where parentog_groups is set to 1 even though the feed_nid has a group_nid of 3436

When I run:

SELECT group_nid, parentog_groups
FROM node
LEFT JOIN og_ancestry og ON node.nid = og.nid
LEFT JOIN feeds_data_organic_groups_blog_importer ON node.nid = feed_nid
WHERE `type` = 'feed';

I expect group_nid and parentog_groups to be the same but they are not. I suspect something is wrong in the mapper for the source "Feed node: Organic group(s)"

#2 feeds-data_handler_fix-1921788-2.patch652 bytesice5nake
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The following line at the beginning of the insert function of the FeedsDataHandler fixes the problem.

$record[parentog_groups] = array_pop($record[parentog_groups]);

If I can get time for a more graceful solution I will submit a patch.

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Status: Active » Needs review
652 bytes

Not the sexiest patch, but it's the best I could come up with on short work.

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