As far as I can tell, I properly installed Wysiwyg and the tinyMCE editor, have enabled tinyMCE and a series of buttons and functions for it, but, none of these effects are applied to the page after I finish editing. Lines don't break, font styles don't change... None of it seems to change the look of the text on the published page.
Is there some dependency I have not met to get this to function properly? A site configuration for HTML input? A theme over-writing any changes I've made?
I'm relatively new to this, but have tried about everything I can think of to try and get this working. Please let me know where I should be looking to fix this, and if I need to post some sort of report to help diagnose the issue.
Please, and thank you.


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Your changes aren't visible because Drupal's filter system removes most tags and all style attributes, during rendering, for the Filtered HTML format by default. (The filters enabled for the Full HTML format by default will not do that, but that will of course have security implications if allowed access to by just any user.)

The settings are under Configuration->Content Authoring->Text formats. Basically, a format is a set of filters applied to all content using that format during rendering. Wysiwyg's editor profiles are associated with a single format so you can match the editor configuration with what the server's filters will allow through.

Drupal Core's "Limit allowed HTML tags"-filter (enabled for the Filtered HTML format by default) will always strip out style attributes from all tags for security reasons. This often prevents font styles from having an effect once the content has been renedered. I recommend disabling that filter and using the one provided by WYSIWYG Filter module instead. It takes a bit more time to set up but gives per-tag control over which attributes and style properties to allow.

Configuring the serverside formats/filters correctly is important since those are the only thing preventing anyone from entering potentially dangerous code and Cross-site-scripting (cookie stealing) attacks.

There's some useful information on (text formats used to be called input formats in Drupal 6 but work almost exactly the same).

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Turns out it was a text field setting within the "structure/content types/display" that was set to only allow plain text in a particular field. With a quick switch to default, it's good to go.
Thanks for the help.

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