Hi. I would like to ask the following.
I have a multilingual site.
When i am creating a node, the url gets the node title.

For example:

Node Title: My Toy
Page url: myurl.com/content/my-toy

Now this i want to do, is when i translating the node, the url to be the same as the english language, and not the translated title.
For example let's say that i translate the node, and i give the title "My Toy Translated" to my node, so the url i would like to be:

Page url: myurl.com/el/content/my-toy
(the same as the english language node), and not
Page url: myurl.com/el/content/my-toy-translated

How can i do this?
I am using Entity Translation


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I'm trying four days now!
Any help?