Can I create a Content Type from a View in order to make the View an option for content to be displayed in a Panel?

I was looking at a landing page and saw that the drop down menu from the cog wheel on a panel listed content types but I'd also like it to list Views.



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I don't really know anything ... am new to drupal. However, I've done that without any problem. Here are steps to create an example view (list of blog entries (assumes you have blog content type) and show it in a panel on panopoly.

go to: Menu->Structure->Views
click "add new view"
give your view a name
choose "show" content of type "blog entry"
uncheck "create a page"
click "continue and edit"

choose: add->content pane
click "save"

go to the page you want to customize.
Choose "customize this layout"

go to the area you want to add your panel.
Click the "+" icon.
click "view panes" on the top of the left

It should show you a preview of your view.
Click "Add"
On the next screen, click Save
This takes you back to the customize layout screen.
Click save again.

Hopefully this will help someone, even if I misunderstood your question.

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Thanks @snowguy I will check it out

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Sounds good. Also check out for additional information. In general, Views and Panels plays quite well together.

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