I have read through the docs on migrating a theme but none of my theme settings other than the colours are migrating..

Basically I have a live site and a dev site.. I have created the new sub-theme based on Adaptivetheme and using Sky as the base on the dev site.. I now want to move the theme to the live server but I am not able to move the dev database to the live server because the database would have been updated since I copied it to my dev server..

I have updated the colors.inc with a new array containing the colours I need.. I have copied the theme directory, the "my_theme_files" from the adaptivetheme directory and then enabled the theme on the live site..

The colour profile has worked and come across to the live server but none of the other "settings" have come across.. Fonts, breakpoints etc.. are all set to defaults..

Can someone shed some light of the correct process to migrate the theme to a live site without migrating the database??



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Couldn't work it out so ended up manually copying the settings from the dev site to the live site from each of the configuration pages..

Changing Priority to minor because its not a big issue but would be good to have step by step instructions for moving a theme between sites where the database can't be moved as well..

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The theme settings, aka the breakpoints, fonts etc are saved in the info file backup, called something like: mytheme.info.txt, which you can find along with the other generated files, whenever you choose to save them (usually in the files directory).

You have to copy the contents of that file to your themes info file - that will ensure all those settings are used in the new site when you enable the theme or flush the cache.

Make a backup of your info file before you do this, and test it.

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I don't have a .info.txt file.. There is a .info though.. Is that the one you are referring to?

I will have a crack at it next time I have to move a theme from a dev to a live site.. :)