This is just so we have somewhere on do download Colorbox plugin v1.3.18 that is needed for Drupal 6 version of Colorbox module.

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I am using the last Colorbox plugin. What problem did you found using fresh versions of Colorbox plugin?

My problem when i tried to use the latest versions was: Colorbox developer moved core files from folder colorbox to an upper level.

If you are interested in use last Colorbox plugin:

  • Create a folder called: colorbox (inside your sites/default/libraries/colorbox folder)
  • Move all files to the new folder
  • Alternatively, it is secure to delete 'example' folders and 'content' folder. These folders just contains examples and additional information not required for Colobox module

I hope this helps.

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Doesn't the latest version of colorbox require a newer version of jquery not provided by jquery_update? Also, the newer releases have changed directory structure as well as the logic for determining versions.


If anything the example makefile should be fixed to like to and the like in the readme.txt file as well. If I wasn't in the middle of an upgrade I'd submit a patch, but I'd like to hear what the maintainer thinks is the best course of action first.

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NOTE: this is a link to the old plug-in to be used ONLY for the DRUPAL 6 version -- not the Drupal 7 version of the module.

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This is an issue I just stumbled across so thanks for putting this up! Any word yet from the maintainer?