Follow up for #731724: Convert comment settings into a field to make them work with CMI and non-node entities


Comment.module use comment_entity_view() to add links etc. These are ideal candidate to be ported to a field formatter.

Proposed resolution

Create a field formatter for comment links and remove comment_entity_view().

Remaining tasks

Write patch

User interface changes

Links will be configurable in formatter settings.


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Title: Remove comment_entity_view » Remove comment_entity_view and introduce second formatter for links

Clarifying the title slightly.

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Note that field API doesn't allow rendering the same field more than once within an entity_view.
So the comment field can be displayed with either the "list of comments + comment form" formatter, or the "comment links" formatter, but not both.
Not sure whether it's an actual limitation, just saying :-)

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Working on this

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