On the general settings page (/admin/config/services/service-links) under the "Extra Options" section, it says "Append the following text to your URL"

The wording made it seem like I can literally add any text. What I had in mind then was appending the hashtag "#social" so when the URL got shared around, I'd know if the sharing originated from my site's page. As opposed to say someone finding the article on Delicious and sharing it from there to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

However, after adding "#social" to that textbox, I saw some weird output to the effects of "?&193social=". It dawned on me then that the plugin meant URL parameters. Yes, yes reading the grey-colored description below, I see that now.


Be that as it may, please give us the ability to append hashtags plus some text (is this called hashtag parameters?) at the end of the URL. Basically, if I type in "#social", I'd go

From this:
to this:

While the normal URL parameters we all know and love is great:

Hashtags are a bit easier for SEO and a great alternative. With URL parameters, there's a danger of search engines viewing the URL as a different page. Even Bing's webmaster tools ( has a section to add any URL parameters to dismiss.


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Version: 7.x-2.1 » 7.x-2.x-dev