The only view mode i am able to use is the default view mode. As long as I am using the default view mode, I can switch layouts without any problem. If I try to switch to another view mode, it still uses the settings of the default view mode. I have tried every way of troubleshooting that I can think of including changing themes, altering CSS files and tpl.php files etc in order to try to isolate the problem. Furthermore, i am not able to apply wrapper or class styles via the UI settings. They don't appear in the source code.

Anyway, I have been battling this for two days now and figured I would see if anybody out there has any suggestions. On the server side, I am using php 5.3 with apc. I have tried clearing cache hundreds of times as well as restarting the server to see if there was something in memory that was stuck. I have also tried other browsers so it is something related to my development environment I guess. LAMP??? Please help. Thanks.


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I am having the same problem. I created a view mode and set it as the view mode to use when I edited the page. Yet, the Full Content mode is always used, and not the specified view mode. The Manage Display tab always opens the correct view mode. I turned on the view mode switcher, and it correctly identifies that the page opened in the full content mode. However, it does allow switching to the correct mode. I checked the permissions, and all is good. No error messages. I am using Drupal 7.22, and Display Suite 7-2.3.

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I had same problem. In my case switching off panel for node view helped to solve the issue.
I think it is something related with page manager. If you check settings page: admin/structure/ds/list/extras -> Other -> "View mode per node" option, in description you will find "Change view modes for individual nodes. A new tab 'Display settings' will appear on the content create form.
You can also pass the name of a view mode through the URL, eg node/x?v=full.
If you install the Page manager module and override the node view, Page manager will win."

check _ds_extras_menu_alter() in it explains a lot

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Closing this works as designed. If you still have this issue and you DON'T have page manager enabled please reopen this one.

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I'm having this problem on a new site I've been developing... The strange thing is that it's only happened within the last couple weeks. Something triggered this behavior, but I'm not sure what yet (trying to figure out STR).

I set up a brand-new sandbox site with everything up-to-date and it seems to work as designed... flawless. I also don't have Page Manager or Panels installed, and I definitely don't want to have to resort to changing the view mode for every single piece of content. I'm going to update the problematic site (ds is up to date, but there are a lot of other updates) and see if that fixes it... if not, I'll be back.

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I just found out that my problem is actually related to the module View Mode per Role. As soon as it's enabled, it hoses any/all the view modes specified in views; even if the view says it's displaying a teaser, it's only displaying the default view mode.

EDIT: created an issue in the View Mode per Role queue #2178431: Overrides view modes specified in views

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Issue summary: View changes

im having the same issues. im on version 1.9.x display suite. i can't seem to change the view mode for my content types. its just stuck on full content view. i even UNINSTALLED panels. not sure what else is the culprit here.

if anyone else ran into this issue, please post how you solved it. thanks!

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FOUND IT! I had to clone my site and then slowly turn a bunch of modules off until the view modes feature started working. After about 1hr of turning off modules a few at a time. I finally found the culprit.

In my case, it was due to the "revisioning" module version 7.1.2x that was causing the issue. It seems to be an on going issue on that module: --- I updated to revisioning to 7.1.9 (june-2014) and it still does the same thing. might have to just turn this off for the time being.

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I have the same problem of #8.
Revisioning (7.1.9)dans ds_extras(7.2.11) module interact badly

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#5 fixed my issue. Conflict with View Role Per Node Module even when not using any displays based on role for that node... Deactivated View Role Per Node Module and Display Suite working normally.

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I can confirm that #8 and #9 are still an issue.

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I have also confirmed there's a conflict between revisioning (7.x 1.9) and the view mode per node functionality of display suite extras (7.x 2.12). Switching to a bug report and reopening.

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Title: Stuck in default display mode... » Conflict between view mode per node and revisioning
Category: Support request » Bug report
Status: Closed (works as designed) » Active