I have searched around and have not been able to find others having this issue so I wanted to create a case to see if anyone else was encountering this.

I am currently using the latest Drupal Colorbox version along with Colorbox and mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) are rendering as they should be.

However as soon as I upgrade to any newer version of Colorbox all overlays are fixed to the top left of the mobile browser and the size is incorrect, rendering the colorbox unusable.

If anyone has any suggestions/fixes or can even confirm this that would be great.


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I'm using v1.3.34 on my own blog at http://xdeb.org/blog/frjo and I just confirmed that the Colorbox works as it should on a iPhone for the site.

Do you have an link to a site where you have this problem?

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I removed it from the production site I upgraded the colorbox to so at the moment there is no other site. However I notice on our site you are not using any animation to open the overlay, I wonder if that helps the colorbox. Also you have a mobile theme setup too, this could very well be helping too. If you disabled the mobile theme does the colorbox still respond as it should?

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I use the stock Colorbox module with the new plain style on my site. Nor really a mobile theme, my theme have a responsive design so the CSS change depending on windows/screen with.

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I have no issues with displaying colorbox on iPads. I just upgraded to colorbox 7.x-2.3 (with upgrade from the original colorbox plugin in the libraries folder and upgrade from libraries API 7.x-1.0 to 7.x-2.0).

Everything seems to work as normal. Although, I had to override the new HTML5 button element style to border:none to get rid of the ugly defualt button styling by browsers.

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Dam OK well I guess there is something else at play here for my theme. Good to know you guys are having luck. I have seen the theming override needed as well as a border around the colorbox too. I will keep testing.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Fixed
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Hi Guys!

I have a problem with colorbox and mobile devices. I bought a responsive drupal template(theme). The template works well on pc but when I view the website from Iphone using Safari browser or Google Chrome colorbox does not work. When I click on the image nothing happens. On Samsung mini using standard android browser the image opens but on top of the page so if the user is somewhere in the bottom he even won't notice that the image has opened. As I understand it when I scroll the page the image should stay on the screen because colorbox has position: fixed. But it stays on top of the page. Corobox module 7.x-1.5, Libraries module 7.x-1.0 and Libraries 1.3.17 are used.
What I did is I have installed all the latest modules Colorbox 7.x-2.3, Libraries module 7.x-2.0 and Lates libraries(the link "Download Colorbox plugin 1.x" on colorbox page ). Now in Iphone using Safari colorbox only works if I click on the image twice. In Samsung mini the image appears on top of the page but the viewing area also moves to the top of the page so I can see that the image has opened. But it still stays on top of the page so position: fixed seems not working.
Here is the link to my website:

Please help!

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I am not 100% sure but it seems that colorbox does not get the actual size of the page.

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I have the same problem, if you look at www.thinkgov.co.uk/TT/ss13 the problem is present (colorbox 7.x-2.3 and colorbox libraries 1.4.3. To get to a correctly working site go to teijaeilola.com/ss13 (which is on an earlier colorbox 7.x-2.0 and colorbox libraries ( release). Click on any image and the problem is obvious.

Why has this been set as fixed? I've given links to illustrate the problem.

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OK so more people are experiencing the same issue. Have any of you been able to identify any JS errors?

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Did this every get resolved? I see no evidence it did?

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And now it's me having the same problem. The site is build on Zen subtheme.

There is no reaction in mobile devices. Desktop browsers work fine. There is problem with Colorbox, Fancybox, Photobox... So, that's not lightbox' specific thing.

How have you made it, guys?


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you can go to colorbox

and comment the matchMedia function (the secound function)

its will fix your prublem

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To everyone who is facing the same issue - there is a "Mobile detection" setting on admin/config/media/colorbox where you can enable/disable colorbox on small screens.

By default it's ON, meaning colorbox will not work for screens smaller than 480px.

Hope this helps.

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You are a champ topsitemakers. That solved my problem. Thanks.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)
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Thanks it works.

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The solution in #15 fixed this for me THANK YOU - I was tearing out my hair trying to figure out why it wasn't working.

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#14 seems still required for colorbox on ios

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#15 solved it for me as well

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. #15 worked for me. I cannot think that this should ever be default behaviour unless you're still living in 2006. Colorbox should always work on mobile...that should be the default.

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#15 solved my issue too, thanks!

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Thank you for your answer. just disabled the option and all is fine.

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Setting the maxWidth attribute for colorbox to a value like "95%" solved my problem in this area.