Once all the current instances of system_settings_form() are converted to use system_config_form(), that function and system_settings_form_submit() should be removed from system.module, as well as any stray documentation that refers to them.

Currently this is only waiting for two remaining conversions:

#1712258: Simplify image toolkit form logic, removing unneeded checks. / #1664844: Convert image toolkits into plugins
#1712250: Convert theme settings to configuration system

#1 1918684-remove-system-settings-form-1.patch6.31 KBgdd
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Just wanted to go through and see what all will need to be done, obviously this ptch would fail if run through the bot right now.

- system_settings_form() and system_settings_form_submit() are removed
- theme_system_settings_form() is changed to theme_system_config_form()
- Lots of references to system_settings_form() and system_settings_form_submit() in comments are removed or changed to references to system_config_form()
- Apparently at some point some white space got committed in system.api.php too, gonna take care of that elsewhere.

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Status: Postponed » Active

It appears we can go ahead and do this now?

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)
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Add toolkit conversion to plugin issue