I have configured the provider and connector, following this tutorial below http://sneyers-pelgroms.com/2012/09/setting-up-oauth-in-drupal/, and made the following two modifications.

On connector:

  • admin/config/services/oauth unchecked the "Enable the oauth provider"
  • admin/structure/oauthconnector/provider_test/edit the base URL without trailing slash, otherwise I get a double slash in the request_token-link.

With the debug mode enabled, it still doesn't show any errors in the watchdog of the provider. Watchdog on the connector however displays the following error:
Referrer: http://CONNECTOR/oauth/authorized/1
Message:Exception: Failed to fetch data from url "http://PROVIDER/oauth/request_token" (HTTP response code 401 Unauthorized: No OAuth context found): in DrupalOAuthClient->get() (line 347 of /data/disk/o4545690929/static/custom/wereldsupporter-7.19.1-prod/sites/all/modules/oauth/includes/DrupalOAuthClient.inc).

Any suggestions?