I have the Wysiwyg module installed with the CKEditor library version

I would like one role on my site to be able to use the Wysiwyg, but also use tags in order to embed linked content, like certain video. These tags will be embed, a, and a couple others.

I already tried checking "Limit allowed HTML tags" in the text format that they are using, and adding the tag to the list of allowed tags, but the Wysiwyg seems to convert it back to text. I don't see any options in the Wysiwyg profile that is relevant to this.

Is this possible?


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The other issue I have when I try "Limit allowed HTML Tags" is that, with that checked, all the content prints out without any of the WYSIWYG formatting.

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Please see #1921638: Installed, configured, but still no effects visible on published pages. However, I think even the WYSIWYG Filter module I recommend there prevents white-listing embed tags for security reasons. To get around that you may want to try some of the modules targeted at embedding content using placeholder "tags", looking something like [video:youtube-id]. Many of the media modules have plugins integrating with several of the editors supported by Wysiwyg module so you can see an image placeholder and get configuration dialogs instead of inserting those tags manually. Some may even have upload and file management capabilities.
(Those modules most likely use a filter to turn the tags into actual [X]HTML markup, so be sure those filters run after any sanitizing filter like WYSIWYG Filter or the "Limit allowed HTML tags" filter.)

I can't recommend a specific module since I'm not up to date with the capabilities of most of them, sorry.

Marking this as "fixed" for now, but feel free to re-open it if you have more questions.

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Fixed Description which displayed wrong when I used HTML tags.