I tried to go into content types and I unchecked "Promoted to front page" and it didn't really do anything. I still have blog posts on my front page. How do I make it so that I can have a different layout or content on my front page?



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you could use the frontpage module but then you need other content for the front page. Otherwise the frontpage is usually set to show the newest storys/blogs on the front page.

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unchecking the box "Promoted to front page" should do the trick (since default page is node). You could also create your own layout(using page) to have different look on your front page by declaring it on you site configuration.

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you would have to revisit and edit each blog post already on the front page and unheck promote to front page for this to take effect.

Then in administer -> content types -> edit next to blog entry

set the default behavior by unhecking promoted to front page. now new blog posts wont be automatically pushed to the front page.

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Is it possible not to let a blog post reach *blog* front page i.e. keeping the blog private
( any snippet w.r.t 4.7 will be more welcome ) ?

I wish drupal had the option to keep a blog private i.e. I only can read and an option
to show it my friends ( buddy module ) :)

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I haven't used 4.7.x since 5.x was released. However, I don't believe a snippet will do this for you. There are many privavy type modules. privatenodes.module, creating your own taxonomy, then using taxonomy access control would also work.

I'm sure there are multiple ways to accomplish your task, though I have no idea how you would tie it into buddylist as this is a module I don't use.