This is a problem that i ran into using different modules so I'll cross post it in different places and referencing them to keep things tidy.

The modules involved are Views, Panels, Panels Tabs, Page Title.
Basically I'm creating "content panes" with views, then using them in panels and displaying them as tabs.

I build one "content pane" using contextual filters to see different things, and set the "Argument Input" to accept input from the pane config. In this way I'm able to display the same "content pane" multiple times in the same page with different arguments and obtaining different nodes.
The problem kicks in when grouping the panes as tabs, because I can't give them different titles!

The module "Panels Tabs" hasn't any option to set the titles (and I don't think is the place where such thing should be addressed).
The module "Panels" doesn't have any option to set the title of panes.
In Views "Content Panes" can only have static titles, i.e. I can't use arguments or tokens to build them.

The Page Title module somewhat addresses this problem, and installing it I'm able to use arguments in the "Content Panes" title.
Still the options are very limited, I can only use the argument as it is, while I would like to be able to manipulate it, like trimming, getting the first few words (otherwise the tabs get stretched too much): something like what you can do with fields and other outputs in Views.

Again, I Don't know who should address the issue so I make everyone involved aware of the thing, hoping someone will solve it.

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Ok, it seems that there is an option to allow Panels to override Content Pane titles

answer here

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