Hi All

I have a problem, and its doing my brain in!

This is the second site I have loaded NG onto with plupload etc. The first one worked fine and is great.

However another site I have it on, when trying to change uploaded images via the Image 'Title' on the 'Manage Images' tab it doesn't change once you click save? Also no progress bar comes up, as nothing is happening - cause it aint!

Any ideas as to how to fix it? I have been round in circles with uninstalling everything and starting over on it.

Ive marked this major as its my own site and I need to get on and update it :-) I can change the names of the titles on the individual image pages / files but just not in the image tab - which is not helpful considering the number of images i need to upload.

Massive thanks in advance


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Category: support » bug
Priority: Major » Normal
Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Dont worry ive decided to do a fresh install of 7x onto the site instead.