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SHA-1: a430c5df536463c01fc3d00a6b952c08b5b96080
SHA-256: cfb996dcbfde1dd2ad4230ba8f49124a5e2e3da75eb74910e0dd8b8082d8a21a
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Release info

Created by: rszrama
Created on: February 13, 2013 - 09:54
Last updated: September 10, 2014 - 20:01
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

As of the previous release, Drupal Commerce depends on Drupal >= 7.15.

Drupal Commerce 1.5 is a maintenance release incorporating 42 patches from 21 contributors around the world. This includes 14 new contributors to the project, some of whom scored their first commits as Drupal contributors. : )

These patches fixed a variety of bugs, improved performance, and added new features to the core of Drupal Commerce, including:

  • Improved Rules integration! We fixed a longstanding issue where conditions on pricing rules that loaded orders caused recursion in the calculation process. We also added a condition to compare against the quantity of products of a particular product type on an order.
  • Product revisions are now integrated with Views, including a tab on product admin URLs to view the revision history and a relationship to include revision information in product Views.
  • Customer order view pages now have local action links for administrators to quickly jump to the order edit form for the order.
  • Improved entity access control, including the resolution of a longstanding issues pertaining to line item access.

See the full list of changes in the notes below.

This release came a little earlier than expected to accommodate a release of Commerce Kickstart 2.x, so the 1.6 turnaround time should be fairly short. Already in 1.x-dev we've improved the product revision Views integration, added order revision integration, and fixed a couple bugs. Viva la changelog!

Changes since 7.x-1.4 (42 commits):

  • #1861266 by axel.rutz: do not require an order number to be entered when creating a new order via Rules.
  • #1883308 by mjpa, rszrama: remove a couple calls to check_plain() around customer profile reference field labels that were causing double sanitization.
  • #1879260 by drumm, rszrama: accommodate line item and payment transaction access query altering where their tables may not be the base table, ensuring any related order access queries also properly select the order table for query altering.
  • #1909476 by zuuperman, rszrama: improve address copying support to cover fields that use scalar single value item arrays and custom elements to handle multi-value input widgets.
  • #1910932 by aaronbauman, rszrama: add default limits to product and customer profile matching queries to prevent unreasonably large result sets.
  • #1827292 by cvangysel: add Views integration and a default View for product revisions.
  • #1249442 by mossy2100: add a condition to compare against the total quantity of products on an order matching a specified product type or set of product types.
  • Remove an unused parameter from commerce_cart_add_to_cart_form_id().
  • #1910126 by axel.rutz: use the proper numeric field and sort handler for the line item ID Views field.
  • Update the cart contents checkout pane settings form to not allow the use of core default Views except the default cart contents summary and include a help message about not supporting Views form elements.
  • Add a #page_callback property to embedded Rules table listings to make them easier to target via hook_page_alter() in other modules.
  • #1909098 by rszrama: update the Add to Cart form builder to check for NULL price products using a comparable if statement to the one used in the cart refresh process.
  • #1877552 by chrisolof, rszrama: ensure tax type machine-names and tax rate machine-names entered via the Tax UI do not exceed 46 characters to prevent PDO exceptions when Rules / Rules components are created for the tax types / rates with a 64 character limit.
  • #1899100 by rszrama: update the parameter documentation for commerce_cart_order_new() to match the usage in the function.
  • Only set a payment_redirect_key in the order data array when building the redirect form if it isn't already present.
  • #1705862 by rszrama: initialize the payment_details array if necessary before invoking a payment method's submit_form_validate callback.
  • Remove the 'base' property for the commerce_payment_enable_* actions, as it was unused and interfered with payment method modules using hook_form_alter() (or potentially any other hook with the same name as a Rules action callback).
  • #1848248 by rszrama: only alter the order edit form from the Cart module if the line item reference field is using the core line item manager widget.
  • #1866310 by travist: add a tag to the product matching query to facilitate alteration of that specific query.
  • #1860856 by rszrama: update the currency format settings for the Turkish Lira.
  • #1860248 by bojanz: add an options list callback for the product status property.
  • #1854216 by cvangysel: add a redirect_form_back callback for payment methods that allows their modules to perform any necessary updates when customers cancel payment or payment fails at a redirect payment service.
  • #1784508 by joachim, rszrama: minor variable name and Field API usage change in building an Add to Cart form with attribute fields.
  • #1846988 by rszrama: when determining next and previous checkout pages, ensure that we only look for checkout pages with enabled checkout panes assigned to them.
  • #1718958 by rszrama: use the % placeholder instead of @ for the profile copy checkbox text and no longer force the drupal_strtolower() conversion that did not suit some international usage.
  • #1852922 by Jerenus: fix a typo in the documentation for hook_commerce_customer_profile_uri().
  • Update the store_admin test role to include permission to access administration pages to fix failing tests as of the recent release.
  • #1363508 by vasike, rszrama: add a span with a class around the checkout button operator 'or' on the checkout page so it can be more easily themed.
  • #1315796 by PedroMiguel: set the override URL for the cart block View when embedded in the default shopping cart block to ensure form submissions within the View remain on the current page.
  • #1653338 by vasike: ensure the default label callback for customer profile modules doesn't break if the default address field on the customer profile has been configured to support multiple values.
  • #1729662 by rszrama: change the currency format for the AED to match
  • #1590142 by rszrama: correct the currency formatting and currency spelling for the Israeli New Shekel.
  • #1665540 by joachim, rszrama: add an action link to the customer order view page that links to the admin edit page for the same order.
  • #1838936 by nicholaspaun: allow cart order conversion to update uids for any referenced customer profile, not just those referenced through the default customer profile reference fields.
  • #1665544 by rszrama: add an access callback for the administrator order view page to ensure the user can access administration pages before visiting the URL even if they otherwise have view access for an order.
  • #1660122 by rszrama: update the currency formatting for the Jamaican Dollar.
  • #1348384 by mrfelton, rszrama: catch field level errors when validating customer profile checkout panes that include fields who validate data at a deeper level than the widget.
  • #1268472 follow-up by rszrama: ensure we only attempt to set the line item order ID for price calculation if a cart order existed.
  • #1268472 by zhangtaihao: prevent recursive cart order refreshes during Rules evaluation by loading the shopping cart order earlier in the process.
  • #1821110 by stella: fix a PHP notice shown when attempting to copy a profile field from the source profile to a target profile type that does not share the same field.
  • #1830056 by dwkitchen: tag our default tax rules with Commerce Tax.
  • #1828222 by malberts: ensure the price comparison condition uses number_format() with no thousands separator to prevent the formatted comparison amount from being treated as a string with a value of 1.