I'm trying to add a field collection to a Fieldable Panels Pane. I'm using Panopoly so I'm not sure the conflict is with Panopoly or FPP.

When I add a field collection and try to "add" content from the UI I get a white screen & no content is saved.

Everything works fine if I'm not using a field collection. I'd love to get this to work... if field collection isn't the right solution for adding repeatable fields, I'd love to hear about something else that works. I noticed that Panopoly has a custom spotlight CCK field -- is hand coding like this the only option?


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I am using field collection together with fieldable panel panes, but I am not using Panopoly and field collections work just fine (I use panels and panelizer). Either the issue is fixed in the latest versions of both modules or the cause lies with Panopoly or the fields you are using within the field collection.

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Feel free to reopen if the problem persists.

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I had a similar issue today and it was related to the field collection widget type set on my FPP. I had the widget type set to 'hidden' for some reason. This prevented me from being able to add items to my field collection when using Panels IPE.

Hope this helps someone.