Hi All,

My requirement is to display multiple addresses on Google Map in a State based on the address book. Let's say we have four offices in Michigan and if user selects the state MI and we should be able to display all four offices based on the addresses availble in the address book. I am currently evaluating different modules and would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thanks in advance


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.... all the info you need is here.
It might be a good idea to start googeling and reading.
Check this - Openlayers Proximity Search – Drupal 7

... and there is lots more around ...

Good luck .....
... more recent results of trying Drupal just once are -

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Hi All,

I searched many modules but haven't found anyone which can allow me to populate the addresses store in the address book on the Google map based on the ip address of the user.

Could you please give me some pointers on this.

Thanks in advance

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Have you already taken a look at the IP Geolocation Views and Maps module? I think it might do exactly what you need.

It also might be worth digging around the Location and Mapping Group to check out what other people have done.

I haven't tried to tackle this specific task you're trying to accomplish, but I will say that I've found mapping to be one of the bigger hurdles in my experience with Drupal over the last year or so. The modules can be quite complex, but if you dig into them you can make some really amazing things.

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Thank you Andy