Hi guys

I'm looking to have "Field Collections" ( http://drupal.org/project/field_collection ) for my nodes - basically an array of fields which can be repeated multiple times within a node.

My understanding is that because "Field Collections" are entities, Mongo creates a new collection for "Field Collection" fields, separate from the collection for node fields. [fields_current.field_collection_item] vs [fields_current.node]

As a result, when I create a node, two mongo documents are created, one for the regular node fields and another for the "Field Collection" fields attached to said node.

I would have expected "Field Collections" fields to be stuffed into the Node fields document as array(s).

Is there a simple way of achieving this ? Any pointers would be appreciated

Many thanks


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Collections are entities and so have separate storage the same is true in MySQL. Really this module only supports core features. If you want to roll a patch though obviously it would get committed if acceptable.

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no idea at the moment how this could be achieved, but please update me if there's movement towards that direction.