I use colorbox-7.x-2.3 (module) with the latest version of plugin. The problem is every time a click event happens in the page (no matter which element) the colorbox window appears. So i decided downgrade the module (7.x-2.0) and the library (1.3.20) which was successfully configured in my previous project.
Does this problem relate ro module itselft or library?


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This is the first report of this specific problem. Did you try to clear the Drupal cache?

I use 7.x-2.3/v1.3.34 on a number of site without problems.

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Ofcourse, i think there are some conflicts with other modules, like edit which is used for In-place editing but i'm still trying to figure it out.

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you will need to use jquery_update module and switch to 1.7 jQuery

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