Not sure if Feeds Tamper is the right tool to use here, but I've gotten derailed by a problem in Feeds and am hoping this might be a solution path.

We are working with an ordinary ATOM feed and simply want to import + create new nodes.

The feed sample is:

When I look at the feed's XML, I can see a series of tags that contain each news item.

Under the ... element the feed has tags such as:

Andrew Campbell, Director, Research Institute

We have set up a Feeds importer using ATOM RSS as the source format.

But on import, only the Title field is successfully written to my new feed-item nodes.
Looking at the mapping, I can see that source:title maps cleanly to import:title

However not a single one of the other fields (eg, Body, Date, Author, Source URL) are imported...all for various reasons of mapping incompatibility I suspect.

Let's look at the simplest case, the body text.

Feeds Importer does not seem to gracefully read the source tag content type="html" and translate that to the well-understood field Body.

I cannot see how to create a new source field that will reflect my ATOM source better.

In we see this line:
'description' => array('rss:description', 'dc:description', 'content:encoded'),

But it is apparently not flexible enough to pick up content type="html"?

It seemed like Feeds Tamper might be a good tool to use (thanks @twistor!) but actually I could not see an option to "map source field to import field".

Guidance? Ideas?

We have had an issue over at Feeds for weeks now without response ( so I'm really hoping that we can get a bit of advice here if it's easy enough?

Thanks in advance, JB


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Sorry for the long delay, this seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.

#1900034: Default Common Syndication Parser settings fail for ATOM fields is indeed the right issue for this.