On my website I need to have 4 different galleries/gallery containers that will share same galleries. It doesn't have to be 4 separate gallery conteiners, it can be just one but with tags.
What I mean is, I have website with cat adoptions, so I need to have Media Gallery called Cats. In that category I want to have all of the cats, but some of them are to be adopted only virtually, some are in the shelter, some not. So I want people to be able to see all of the cats together if they just want to look, or to see just those for virtual adoption, or those in the shelter. I was thinking of tagging cat galleries and then adding some kind of selection field/list, like you have in Ebay where you can pick a prize and you see only products from your wanted category.
I tried views, but it didn't realy work how I wanted it.
For now I have Gallery containers mentioned in one of the previous Issues, but it's a bad workaround, as I have cat galleries being doubled, and people not being able to see all the cats together.

Maybe there is a way to do it, and you can help me find it?