Dear Jeff, dear community,

I'm using Drupal since years, and have a somewhat good understanding on how it works. I have created a new version of an existing site using your fantastic AdaptiveTheme. Its address is

I'm using the latest Drupal 7.x and adaptivetheme-7.x-3.x-dev

It's mostly working nicely, but I have an issue with the displaying of the submenus. On mobile or on a very narrow browser window, the superfish menu contracts itself into the desired "Menu Principal". So far, so good.

But then, its submenus exhibit huge spaces between menu entries. See the attached screenshot.

Not sure if this is a bug or how to fix it. It had the same behaviour with 7.x-3.1 (but of course without the new cool mobile menu extension).

Thanks for your help and sorry in advance if that an easy one to fix,

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I am seeing the same issue here when using Superfish 1.9 (superfish library 1.2-beta2).

This works fine with Superfish 1.8 (superfish library 1.1), so not sure yet if this is a Superfish issue or AT issue.

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I have tried all sorts of combinations, including the older superfish 1.8, but it's still exhibiting the same behavior.

I'm not sure how to understand your remark about the superfish library 1.1. Am I supposed to download it beside superfish, or to clear a cached version ?


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This is a bug in the CSS for the menu toggle, I will need to work on this a bit more.

I think its more case of the configuration that might be causing differences, although I haven't tried the 1.9 beta.

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ok, let me know if I can be of any help, including testing betas.

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I can help test as well.

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If it helps, I was able to eliminate this huge gap by adding the following to my styles.custom.css file ...

display: none !important;

I'm not sure if this is the proper way to fix the problem, but it might work as a temporary stop-gap for those who need something quickly and help point to the source of the underlying problem.

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Sorry, I cannot find this file in my site. Should I create it myself with the code you proposed ? And then, where should I locate it ?
I'm somewhat unsure about all that SASS and CSS stuff.

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I can see the logic in why that will work, but sure it's a stop gap, but not a bad one at all. Ideally I should fix this properly (however that is, not sure the moment, dealing with Superfish in this way is not easy!).

You could literally put that CSS in any file. SASS is only to be worried about if you are actually using SASS, if not, don't worry, just use the normal CSS files.

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Thanks jchmura and Jeff for the hints. I added the said code at top of themes/pixture_reloaded/css/pixture_reloaded.css and it enhance the situation a lot, even if the automated re-arrangement of the submenus is not yet completely optimal on a narrow browser. At least it is now usable !

Check with an iPhone or narrow browser to see it in action.


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adapted my initial question to the existing situation