Download link-7.x-1.1.tar.gztar.gz 32.38 KB
MD5: 416691004d5a09681869dcd93188238b
SHA-1: fe598a742efecec939ea80af8e2f29f59114bb04
SHA-256: 4fb6ad56a2597c6f063369b7db165d90480725da2313a2bffca25c3a71b9dec2
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MD5: d3b1f866fecf8d8f862d2eb8f2f6daec
SHA-1: 6c3d320fe789775e0b587ae933da5aa0c3d1d1ef
SHA-256: eb667cf338fcd7b0616ddaf87636b379d3b7c9d963d553847235703c1e0ebc8d

Release info

Created by: jcfiala
Created on: February 9, 2013 - 21:08
Last updated: October 6, 2015 - 19:11
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

A number of long-delayed patches.

#1710578: Module automatically appending an equal sign (=) at end of query string
Issue #949604 by zilverdistel: Added i18n support for the static link text field option.
Issue #1909314 by Simon Georges: Removing link.install from the files[] array.
Issue #1674284 by sun, jcfiala: Cleaning up the code to Drupal standards, this time with the tests.
Issue #1674284 by sun, jcfiala: Cleaning up the code to Drupal standards.
By hass:Fixing a string in the target argument handler to be t-compatible.
By hackwater: Fixed minor typo which spelled automatically wrong.
Issue #1458502 by eugene.brit:Fixing Undefined index: target in _link_sanitize()
Issue #1010850 by benjifisher: Update MigrateFieldHandler to work with migrate-7.x-2.4 and later.
Issue #1889918 by jcfiala,Boobaa:Changed the bad url error message to include the field's label.
Issue #1179944 by jcfiala,mr.york: Added variable_get calls so that the list of TLD that pass validation can be set by admins.
Issue #1766150 by jcfiala: Blank urls will no longer be treated the same as links to
Issue #1686024 by Alan D.: Added implementation of hook_field_diff_view().
Issue #1715246 by Haza, jcfiala: Fixed strict warning when loading entity for token use, also fixed problem with the title attribute not being handeld properly.
Issue #1309768 by jcfiala: Made URL label of url-only link fields invisible instead of removing it, to be 508 compliant.
Issue 1645640 by barraponto:Fixing links as well as double-printing of querystring.
Issue # by jcfiala: Fixed how possible tokens are displayed when setting up a link field - had been using a variable which was not defined in that scope.
Issue #43870: Cleaned up and conslidated the link formatter tests so that the tests can run faster.
Issue #438770: Fixed code to align with tests - handling the 'token type' fetching better and fixing the separate link display to match previous functionality.
Issue #1047444 by Sweetchuck, jcfiala: Updated how tokens are handled so that the proper token references are used, and not just 'node'.
Issue #1309658 by jcfiala: Small nudge to the views tokens fix to handle problem with relative links going through url() twice.
Issue #472766 by mstrelan: Added new formatter to display domain as link.
Issue #1710578 by jcfiala: Added code to prevent unnecessary = signs in querystrings.
- #1309658 by jcfiala: Fixed Fragment and query string disappear from tokens.
Issue #1309658 by jcfiala: Rearranged the link code so that the query and fragment are not separated from the url so that views can access them in a token.
Issue #1290904 by gordon:Moved link processing on save from the hook_field_presave link to the hook_field_insert/update hook to prevent problem with field_attach_update.
Issue #1525668 by mikeryan: Removed type-hint of $entity in the migrate prepare handler.
Issue #1599314 by arpieb: Adding spaces, periods, and parenthesis to internal file paths.
Issue #1368616 by grndlvl: Fix required marker so it shows if title is not displayed.
Issue #1512954 by jfiala, mikeytown2: Added code to prevent error in theme_link_formatter_link_plain(), improved use of $link_options array in theme functions.
Issue #1125766 by jcfiala, David Stosik, Eric_A: Provided default value for link targets when link field uses user input for target.
Issue #1230256 by yched: Fixed D6 migration (cck_migrate()).
Issue #1218428 by twistor, Digidog: Fixed - Link tests, LinkValidateUrlLight because link validate_url is called but not available.
Issue #1409980 by luisortizramos, effulgentsia, Digidog: Fixed - Validation error -Invalid URL- is not reported properly. The corresponding form_set_error() calls have been fixed.
Issue #1441702 by Digidog: Fixed - Rel attribute should have an option to get automaticly turned on/off if link is internal/external
Issue #1418674 by rvilar, Digidog: Fixed - Bad variable concatenation in t() function-
Issue #1321482 by Liam Morland, KarlShea, Summit, Jevedor, Digidog: Fixed -Query string and fragment are removed, resulting in parts of the URL being lost-
Issue #1066328 by Bevan, jcfiala, dkingofpa, sammys, Digidog: Formatter for use with url() and Views its -output this field as a link- fields (Absolute url formatter added)
Issue #1429684 by das-pater: Dont unserialize already unserialized attributes in _link_load(). The patch contains condition before unserialize in _link_load(), link_views_handler_argument_target::query() is now compatible to its parent to avoid php strict notices
Issue #698438 by tim.plunkett: Added support for Devel Generate
Issue #1066328 by Bevan,dkingofpa,jcfiala:Adding absolute formatter to link field for use with views, etc.
Issue #1010850 by jcfiala, quartsize, raman2385, Bevan, eporama, das-peter, smithmilner, Digidog: Fixed MigrateFieldHandler to work with Migrate Module