How do I implement this?


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Title: How do I implement this with a gallery? » Scrolling through different nodes imagefield in a view (d6 = yes, d7 = no)

Is it possible to continue swiping through images in different nodes..(in a view) The d6 version had this capability and I could swipe through different nodes "imagefield" in a view as they were all loaded.

But, in the D7 version I only see the image I clicked on and then have no swiping capability because their are no other images loaded (not the case in D6). Perhaps it works with a multiple image field however that wont work with dynamic content.

Is the functionality different from the D6, if so why? Thanks in advance!

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Title: Scrolling through different nodes imagefield in a view (d6 = yes, d7 = no) » formatted options for D7 version e.g. Field, Nid
Category: support » feature

After looking into this it appears its a functionality thing -- rendering it a feature request as formatter options are not available in the D7 version.

Perhaps there is a module already out their which can handle the loading of the images, if so please post. Thanks!

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you could add this class to your view: photoswipe-gallery i think then it will load all your images

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Thanks for answering.
My photo gallery is a "content type."
(Open Publish)
Where do I put that?

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hi..i am not familiar with open publish, and how it creates the photo galleries..maybe if you pastebin somewhere the markup it produces for the gallery i would be able to help more

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Title: formatted options for D7 version e.g. Field, Nid » formatted options for D7 version
Status: Active » Fixed

As for the question at hand it was solved by putting the CSS class in view to photoswipe-gallery as for other questions you may want to open a new issue as they don't really apply to this one.

Thanks my Greek master.

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All of my contents are "content types."
I don't create contents with views.

So I installed the module, went into the content type "photo gallery," edited image handler to be photoswipe, which worked.

But I can swipe from picture to picture
Here for example;

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.