First off, please forgive if this has been anwsered or I'm breaking convention. I'm new to Drupal and am posting this after several hours of research. So I have tried!

I've got a new clean install of D7. A clean install of adaptive theme and a freshly created unmodified subtheme.

The first thing I'm trying to do is establish my page width and sidebar widths. I have settings of 960px page width and 250px width sidebar 1 and 220 px width sidebar 2.

No value I set seems to affect the theme's layout. I've tried changing units, I've tried going wider and narrower, but I get essentially a default layout regardless. I can control some of this via css but I want to rely on theme settings.

Have I completely overlooked some rudimentary step in getting this setup? For the life of me I can't figure out where!

Thanks for your patience and help.


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Here's a screenshot

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First why are you using this ancient version? Seriously, why?

Probably the files are not generating, check permissions on the files folder.