The View Mode selector is confusing for people when they're creating a new bean, might it be possible to hide it if only "Default" and "Token" are the only ones currently available? It might be worth hiding "Token" anyway, it doesn't make sense as a display option anyway.


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There is a permission that lets you hide it from users. 'edit bean view mode'

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Oh, cool, I'll work on a patch to the README.txt file to document this.

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Maybe a silly question: what does it do? I mean, I don't have such a view mode selector on any other entity, yet they all support view modes?

Can't the selector be omitted in total?

Edit: Seconds after submitting my question I realize that this is the only way to set the view mode. Silly me.

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Issue summary:View changes

Wouldn't it be cool if you could select which view modes can be chosen by the content manager?
Because as mentioned above the 'Tokens' view mode is totally overrated most of the times but the CA.

On the 'Manage Display' page there is a section called 'Custom display settings' where you can enable your view modes so it would be nice if only this selection is available when choosing a view mode.

Is this possible now with Bean or another contrib module?