After updating to alpha 5, the token for the relationship type is not being replaced in the screen message. There is no error that is being logged. Alpha 4 works fine. All custom screen messages fail to replace the token for the relationship type.


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I have the same issue. None of the tokens starting with % got replaced.

My screen messages look like this

UserA has requested to be your %relationship_name. View your pending relationship requests to approve or decline.

The %relationship_name relationship between UserA and UserB has been deleted.

UserA's %relationship_name request has been approved.

Your %relationship_name request has been sent to UserB.

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I have exactly the same issue.

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Last update changed placeholder names, but it seems that maintainers failed to update them in all places. You can fix some of the messages yourself in admin/config/people/relationships/settings. I think that %relationship_name is replaced by @rel_name. I'm not sure about the others.

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I tried changing % to @ in the custom screen messages and and now getting the same error, except with @ in front: Admin's @relationship_name request has been declined.

Does this need to be updated somewhere in the module as well?

UPDATE: Looks like relationship_name was changed to rel_name. In my settings for Custom Screen Messages I changed
and the tokens are being replaced

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I can confirm #4.

Replace with @rel_name

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You can fix some of the messages yourself in admin/config/people/relationships/settings.

with %relationship_name is replaced by @rel_name.

so you can use following message as per actions:

1. Accepted – !requester's @rel_name request has been approved.
2. Declined - !requester has declined your @rel_name request.
3. Decline - !requester's @rel_name request has been declined.
4. Cancel - Your @rel_name request to !requestee has been canceled.
5. Default - No action has been taken.
6. Removed - The @rel_name relationship between !requestee and !requester has been deleted.
7. Pending - You have a new friend request. Visit the Friends page.
8. Pre-approved - You are !requestee's newest @rel_name.

Thanks hope this will be useful

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I can confirm the fix proposed by #4 and #6 work. However, is there any way to make it plural?

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