Using apache 2.2.3, drupal 5.3, php5 mysql 5.0.38 under dell 2850 4gb ram 2,8ghz processor.
I'm programming a new drupal site with several modules like slideshow or gmap, weather (specials) and more like translate(normal).

We do not know why, but with only one local user, no internet conection to our site, the page goes bad!!!! very slow!!

Apache uses a lot of resources


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Install the devel.module and use it to try and track down MySQL bottlenecks. There are pages in the handbook on Tuning MySQL.

you can also try disabling modules one at a time to see if a specific module is the cause of the problem. I'd start with weather as this needs to contact another server, thereby making your site dependant on the server it's pulling information from.

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I tried first disabling several modules... weather, slideshow...

Now my web run nice, why slideshow runs so bad? because it uses java?

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I have no answer for that , I've never used that module.

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So what you're saying is that if we're going to work with drupal we shouldn't use modules? Or after I've designed and posted my drupal site, I should disable all the modules that make my site what it is because drupal doesn't work when using modules?

Drupal forums "experts" are like politicians in that they can never just simply answer the question? Instead most just babble on about php script they've cut and pasted (trying to look smarter or more informed then they actually are) so that the drupal community might consider them an authority of some kind.

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actually no. That's a blatantly exaggerated interpretation of what was discussed here between myself and the OP. I'd suggest a reread so your rants don't look so much like a hollywood dramatized rewrite of four year old historical threads. I hesitate to provide any more aid at this point as you may also take that out of context. What I will state is that once the problematic (keyword) contrib module is found, one can then approach the issue queue of the module in question to gain support for modules in use.

If you've an issue with the forums on drupal.org or the level of volunteer support provided by drupal users on the forums and the responses they provide ... there is always google.

Good luck

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Slow sites are a headache, but there is usually not simple answer. Your response mentions politicians. Often times the reason that politicians don't give definitive answers is because there is no good answer, and that certainly applies to website speed, which can be effected by a whole host of things... I wouldn't blame the drupal forum experts... I'd just let someone else host my site and then them deal with the problem and find the solution. :)

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