The site that this log message appears on is configured for private files only. This message is generated every time the wysiwyg editor (ckeditor in this case) is displayed.
The message is generated by the unsuccessful call to file_unmanaged_save_data() on line 347 of wysiwyg.module as it is trying to write a file to public://js/wysiwyg/ which is not going to be possible in this case.
The required javascript subsequently gets written inline on the page so the editor still works as expected but the user gets to see a drupal_set_message with worrying information in it.


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Sounds like you've not set a public files path at all, Drupal always needs this path set and writable to be able to create any aggregated JS/CSS files, so you'd get it without Wysiwyg enabled as well when Drupal tries to write those files.

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Closing this since #1 seems like the likely cause. Please change it back to 'active' if that's not the case.

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I'm getting this error. Since I'm new at this I don't know how to "set a public files path".

If you are referring to going to the following page:

Home » Configuration » Media » File system

My configuration show:
Public file system path = files

I have relaxed the [site]/files permissions to 777 and I'm still getting this error.

Any ideas?

Backgroud: Drupal 7.22. The site was fine, tried update to 7.34. failed, restored DB from backup, restored entire file system from tar ball, errors started.

I found the issue. I had to relax permission on the /js directory. The error went away.