The behavior of the "add more" appearance seems to get thrown into inconsistency by muti-day events. I have several multi-day events intermixed with set-time single-day events and the result is below. I have the "maximum" items set to 1.

calendar problems

Behaviors seen:

  1. A day with a set-time single day event shows 2 events in 1 day if 1 of the events is multi-day and the 1 mult-day event is just beginning. (event maximum ignored)
  2. A multi-day event is stretching across a day that has a set-time single-day event, and the set-time single-day event is hidden while a more link is displayed. (event maximum respected)
  3. 4 events are displaying, all of them multi-day events, some are starting, some continuing and one is ending. All are being displayed in spite of the "maximum" set to 1. (event maximum ignored)

I understand there is difficulty handling multi-day events and "maximums" -- but we should at least handle the difficulty with consistency. In some cases it seems like the counter ignores the multiday events, while in other cases the multiday event is counted. The inconsistency creates confusion.

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I am having the same issue did you find a solution to this?

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