On Drupal 7.12 I have CK Editor working OK EXCEPT FOR THE BODY FIELD OF ONE Content Type.

I added a dummy "long text and summary" field on that content type and it doesn´t work either. In every other content type it works OK. I´m also using the Fieldgroup module ver 7.x-1.1+65-dev, but I created an extra content type to see if it was some type of incompatibility, but CK Editor keeps working on the dummy content type, but not in the first one.

The behaviour is that instead of showing the CK Editor window the field to edit appears as a plain text one. It can be edited but without CK Editor user interface.

I know that one possible solution may be recreate the problematic content type but I will appreciate any clue that does not need to rewrite all the display and feeds interface.



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I had this problem too, and am also using the Fieldgroup module.

In my case, I had been trying to use Fieldgroup on the "manage fields" side, in order to collapse some rarely-used fields on the administrative side of things. It didn't end up accomplishing what I wanted, but I didn't bother to un-group them. Still, this was apparently the cause for WYSIWYG / CKEditor not loading on this content type, even though the field in question was not one of the ones I'd been trying to group.

To resolve, I removed the grouped fields from the group on the "manage fields" display, deleted the group from "manage fields" display, and saved changes to the content type. Editor now loads correctly on the "body" field.

I have been using Fieldgroup to group fields on the "manage display" side, and it does not cause a problem. CKEditor works fine on all fields.

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Hi Team,

I have rendered two forms in one template.
$form1 = drupal_render(node_add('story'));
$form2 = drupal_render(node_add('design'));

The CKEditor shows only on first content type.

How to set it for both content type having body field?


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I was (apparently) having the same issue.

In my case the solution was so stupid like adjusting the given 'Content Type' field , 'Text processing' settings from a) 'Plain text' to b) 'Filtered text (user selects text format)'.
Obviously CKEditor buttons appeared afterwards.

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This definitely has something to do with Fieldgroups... but for me, it reared its ugly head after I had nested a Fieldgroup within a Fieldgroup. Once I removed the nesting, CKEditor snapped back into place. Fieldgroups and CKEditor can play nicely, but nesting Fieldgroups seems to break things.

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I have a similar case, this time the editor doesn't load the toolbar in Event content types. All other content types work ok.
I haven't changed any default setting for the Event content type.
Am using CKEditor 6.x-1.15 and the library is in sites/all/libraries/ckeditor

Any suggestions?

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Vako, I have the EXACT same issue. CK editor is not showing for the long text with summary field in my event content type. Still looking for a solution. Did you have any luck with yours?

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No, unfortunately I didn't get any reply to my several posts in different areas.

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I am having this issue with one content type only.
I cannot get it show on a Long text and summary field. I created a new Text Area type field and it will not show there either.
Other text fields on other content types are not affected.

I do not use Fieldgroups.

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I have been poking around with this problem.
Not sure why this is happening, but I found a work-around for my situation.

I looked at the rendered html in the node edit screen where the ckeditor should have appeared.
I came across this.

<a class="ckeditor_links" style="display:none" href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="javascript:Drupal.ckeditorToggle(['edit-body-und-0-value','edit-body-und-0-summary'],'Switch to plain text editor','Switch to rich text editor');" id="switch_edit-body-und-0-value">Switch to plain text editor</a>

For a test, I changed:
style="display:none" to style="display:block"

Now I see the Switch to plain text editor link which was missing.
I click this link, the text stays as Switch to plain text editor, but it shows the ckeditor!

So I put an override in the admin theme

.ckeditor_links {
	display: block !important;

This certainly does not get at the root of the problem but it might be useful information for whoever is debugging this.

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Thank you for this workaround.
Which file(s) did you edit to make it work?

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I just added this

.ckeditor_links {
	display: block !important;

To the admin theme 's css file.

Did you look at the code of your node add/edit form to see if it was the sam problem.

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For me this problem is caused by an interaction with the Conditional Fields module. If I inspect the edit page I see the following error:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'e.length')
attach conditional_fields.js:121

If I disable the module the CKeditor pops back up. I am using a conditional fields rule in that content type, just having the module enabled shouldn't affect the other content types.

Here is link to the issue on the other end.

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I updated to current version of Conditional Fields and all is working!

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I don't even have Conditional Fields installed. I have this issue only when the content type is Events, from the Events module. Have checked settings in Content Types, Permissions, Events and have linked and unlinked many modules but still can't pinpoint the problem!!

Details: when I Create/Edit an Event content, the CKEditor is not showing.

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same problem here with events! did anyone solve?

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I am getting this problem when starting a new Forum topic. Only Authenticated users experience this problem. When commenting on a topic, then everything works as should. Admin does not have this issue.